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Case Studies

Customer references and testimonials provided by various retail and small business owners.


AquaSpa Day Spa and Salon

New York City, NY

AquaSpa Day Spa and Salon - testimonial for FonGenie

AQUASPA, situated NYC, New York, is the most luxurious spa in thearea. We strive to give our clients the best possible service and FonGenie has helped us accomplish this. FonGenie’s autoreceptionist has allowed us to project a consistent, professional image while, at the same time, allowing us to promote our spa packages and promotions to all of our callers.

“FonGenie is turning
into $75-dollar
customers or more.”

—Heidi Sul, Owner & Entrepeneur
NYC, New York


During the day, we often keep an eye on FonGenie’s Live Caller ID to see which menu options our callers are choosing. Then in the evenings we review our FonGenie reports for the detailed rundown of the day, week or month. All this reporting information has given us the ability to learn which promotions are the most effective so we can update the FonGenie menu options with the proven promos through their super-user-friendly web interface.

We have been using FonGenie for several months and we’re still realizing the value of the service. From the simplicity plus professionalism of the service, to the wealth of detailed information provided about our callers, to quantifiable increase in monthly sales (about 18%), we can’t imagine running AquaSpa without FonGenie.

AquaSpa Day Spa and Salon - testimonial for FonGenie  

A must for all small business owners and I can’t even imagine running my business without FonGenie. It’s that awesome!



Atlanta Pro AV

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Pro AV - testimonial for FonGenie

Atlanta Pro AV is a full service audio/visual production and commercial installation business that concentrates mostly in the hospitality market. We mostly work with event planners at luxury hotels and event facilities in the greater Atlanta area.

“I have even had several clients comment on how
they are envious of our FonGenie service.”

—James Taylor Jr., Managing Partner
Atlanta Pro AV, Atlanta

Atlanta Pro AV - testimonial for FonGenie


FonGenie has been a great service for our business by allowing us to promote services that would otherwise go unnoticed by our clients when calling us. By leveraging FonGenie’s capability to create on-the-fly greeting and menus heard by our callers, this unique feature has probably helped us increase sales by 22% per month.

The simple web-based interface has improved our productivity by enabling us to forward our calls and add numbers and lines at the drop of a hat, wherever we are.

Also, at the end of the day, we review the reports generated by FonGenie about who has called us, where they are calling from and other valuable information critical to when making sales & marketing decisions.

FonGenie is a truly wonderful phone solution of a small company.



Steaming Stone Spa

Stevens Point, WI

Steaming Stone Spa - testimonial for FonGenie

I own a small Spa & Salon that is a cooperative of independent contractors. We are open by appointment and do not have a receptionist.

“We have seen our bookings increase by roughly 25% from those customers listening to the promo”

—Brian L. Polzin, Owner & Massage Therapist
Steaming Stone Spa, Stevens Point, WI


Steaming Stone Spa - testimonial for FonGenie


Before FonGenie, all incoming calls just went to voicemail and we’d get to them between clients. Now, with FonGenie our callers are forwarded to the appropriate person or they can find what they need, such as our address, business hours or the deal of the day.

FonGenie is much more cost effective for us than hiring a receptionist and we now take advantage of offering last minute specials as well as advertising our promotions when customers call into the Spa, which FonGenie does an excellent job.

It has actually gotten us a number of bookings with its suggestive selling.

I am very happy with the tech support and useful suggestions FonGenie staff made to help me with setting up our initial greetings, and suggestions for seasonal or occasional changes we may need. FonGenie has become part of our identity now with greeting our callers, and it has been met well with our clientele.

“Thanks FonGenie for giving us a very cost effective receptionist.”



The Lodge at Stowe Meadows

Morrisville, VT

The Lodge at Stowe Meadows - testimonial for FonGenie

Stowe Meadows is a small Bed & Breakfast that has used FonGenie since its beta introduction. We were immediately impressed with the system’s ease of setup and extensive feature set. As a small business, we wanted a fully-featured solution that would present a very professional image and would grow with our business.

“FonGenie’s Customer Support team was extremely helpful during system setup and has worked with us to customize our solution to meet our specific business needs.”

—Erich & Caroline DeVore Grohse-Holz,
Stowe Meadows, Morrisville, VT


The current FonGenie service ensures that our clients are greeted with a sophisticated and professional image for our Inn, Restaurant and Gluten-Free Bakery. Customers are able to reach us directly during business hours and also have an option to leave voice-mail after hours if needed.

The FonGenie solution also allows us to offer last minute specials very easily (great for sales and filling last minute cancellations) and has cut down on the number of driving direction requests with an automated menuing system.

FonGenie’s call reporting feature has been indispensable for tracking requests and making sure that all calls remain personalized. For immediate assistance, customers and guests have the option of being routed immediately and efficiently to a live person.

The Lodge at Stowe Meadows - testimonial for FonGenie  

“We love the flexibility and the range of features FonGenie has delivered so far including their 100% reliability guarantee. This solution has led to increased business and cost savings; a definite ROI booster for our business and a solution we would recommend to other small businesses.”



W8TrainHer Fitness

Greenwood Village, CO

W8TrainHer Fitness - testimonial for FonGenie

As a personal fitness trainer and small business owner operating W8TrainHer Fitness, I want to be able to answer every call. In my profession, it would be rude and unprofessional to take calls when serving clients, which means I’m not always available.

“FonGenie is so easy to use and the support they provide is extraordinary.”

—Danielle Dupree, Owner & Trainer,
W8TrainHer, FitnessGreenwood Village, CO


This can result in loss of business or simply not presenting a professional image. Additionally, hiring someone to answer calls can be costly, and as a startup, keeping overhead costs low is key. This has all changed with FonGenie!

Thanks to FonGenie, W8TrainHer Fitness is projecting a professional image while answering each and every call.

More importantly, I’m able to set up FonGenie to address FAQs to include directions, my website address as well as to update current specials in just a couple minutes.

W8TrainHer Fitness - testimonial for FonGenie  

“Best of all, being able to easily update my greetings and menus to promote specials has definitely improved my business.”

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