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Updates Made for Improved Menu Mode Options for FonGenie Customers

April 12th, 2012

We have recently made changes to the menu selection modes that our FonGenie users offer their calling customers. In the past our users have either used the “Basic” menu mode choice, that lets callers hear the customized Greeting, a Flash Sale (if turned on) and then the action of Transfer the call, go to voicemail, etc., or the “Advanced” menu mode that gives the full menu choices following the Greeting/Flash sale.

The new “Hybrid” menu mode option is now available for all FonGenie users. This is the best of both worlds. With this callers will hear the same call flow as in the “Basic” menus, but before the call is transferred the automated voice will give callers the option, “Press 9, for the Virtual Concierge,” which will allow them to hear and select the additional menus (“Submenu”) choices normally found in the “Advanced” mode.

This new mode gives callers faster access to a business representative while still giving them access to more information if they need it. FonGenie businesses are also able to still take advantage of the powerful “Flash Sales” that have been improving customer conversions for many of our FonGenie users.

If you are a current FonGenie business and want to take advantage of this new menu mode, you just need to select “Hybrid” from the top pull-down choices after logging into your Greetings & Menu page. You can then customize the basic greeting from the “Greetings” tab, then the additional menu options from the “Submenu” tab. The “Submenu” will probably already be populated if you have already used the “Advanced” mode in the past.

* * *

Please let us know what you think of these new updates. We always welcome constructive feedback from our FonGenie users.

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