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Marketing Local Does More Than Improve Your Sales

April 13th, 2012

FonGenie Promoter uses the broad resources of the internet to effectively promote your business locally. But does promoting your business locally extend beyond improving your sales?

FonGenie helps small businesses get found by local customers

As a business owner needing to improve sales you have been told how important the broad expanse of the internet is for your business; but the fact is most of your customers are probably local in your community. With the internet we are all now consumed by information from every part of this earth, but we are still local creatures. We eat, drink, sleep, recreate locally. Consumers are inundated by big-box stores, virtual sales and “fast shipping.” But by letting your customers know you are nearby you are giving them the option to do more than just buy a great product or service. Your customers are local and you need to help them to improve their own community.

By promoting your business locally you are:

Helping your Community Prosper
As customers access your local business they are in fact helping to strengthen the bonds of your community with improved social and economic relationships. The social interaction of locally minded consumers brings a sense of local responsibility throughout the community.

Improving the Local Economy
As local customers do business with your establishment they are improving the local economy by keeping much of the revenue in the community. Unlike larger companies, locally owned businesses convert much of their revenue back directly into their local infrastructure; improving schools, roads, and more.

Helping the Environment
As we are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, local businesses offer an alternative to fighting the traffic to get to a wholesale store. Local businesses tend to gravitate around lively compact shopping centers, often within walking distance or metro. These alternatives to the large and crowded box-stores help reduce gas usage, pollution and possibly your customer’s stress.

To further highlight the importance of having a proper business presence on the internet, a recent survey conducted by Search Engine Land (Local Consumer Review Survey) found a striking change in consumer behavior since 2010. It found that 27% of consumers are regularly reading online reviews, and an additional 49% were occasional readers. Moreover, it found that only 15% of consumers have NOT used the internet to find a local business in the past 12 months (which is down from 21% in 2012).

In short, most people surveyed were just as likely to use the internet to find local businesses as they were to ask for personal recommendations.

Letting customers know that you offer a community sound alternative to large corporate businesses or purchasing online is important both for your customers and your business. FonGenie Promoter helps distribute the daily specials that represent you locally to your customers, not just to the vast population who have access to the internet.

We will be posting some future articles that delve more into the importance of using the various business search sites as well as social media to directly improve your business visibility and sales, as well as rise above your competitors.

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