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New FonGenie Feature Saves Your Plan Minutes; Makes Updating Easier

July 2nd, 2010

The FonGenie team has just added a new feature to the FonGenie Account Interface. The highly requested “Playback” feature will now let you edit your FonGenie account greetings and menus, and then immediately hear them using you computer’s speakers for playback.

As you change your FonGenie greeting, or update your daily specials in the Post Greeting, you can now immediately play it back by pressing the blue play button that appears to the right of that field when the mouse hovers over it. This will play back that field, or you can select the “Preview all” button at the bottom of the page to hear the entire page. Playback buttons are included in Greeting & Menu, Business Hours and Voicemail pages.

FonGenie New Playback Feature

What does this mean to you?
You will not have to call into your FonGenie account to test your changes when editing your account greetings, menus, and daily specials. Previously, all calls into the FonGenie accounts, including test calls, were counted against your plan’s minutes. The new Playback feature will save you FonGenie minutes, as well as the unnecessary test call information that is captured into the FonGenie analytics. This makes FonGenie even easier to customize for your daily use and sales promotions, and produces even better reporting on call traffic.

Quick Tip to improve your FonGenie voice:
Your callers are not able to “see” your spelling or punctuation. Using the new playback feature you will be able to test different spellings, punctuation, and phonetic variations, then immediately hear the results as you are editing. Consider breaking up long sentences with pauses (using a comma). And remember, multiple comas or periods will not give you extra pauses, nor will carriage returns affect pause length.

There are three different FonGenie voice choices available at this time. Sometimes if the playback just doesn’t sound right to you, changing the voice might make all the difference.

If you have any questions about this new feature or the FonGenie service, please visit our website ( or give us a call (650-200-4400).

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